Management Information Systems

Over the last decade, information systems have evolved from their traditional back office support role towards a more strategic role within an organization. Yet, there is an increasing concern that the anticipated value of the information systems investments is not being achieved such that the information systems department is often viewed as a cost centre. This concern stems from two important challenges, i.e., the challenge in managing the information systems facing the employees in the organization, and the challenge in managing the information systems facing the consumers. The group aims to address both challenges.

Within the research area of managing the information systems that directly or indirectly affect the employees’ ways of working, we apply both quantitative (e.g., survey) and qualitative (e.g., case study) research methodologies whenever appropriate to understand the employees’ responses to the information systems and how they should use it to be more efficient and effective at work. Within the research area of managing the information systems that interface the organizations to their customers and potential customers, we often begin by designing and developing the particular information systems, such as mobile application, which is followed by field experimenting them with the target customers. When the information systems of interest are already available, we collaborate with the focal organizations to assess their customers’ behaviours with the information systems towards the attainment of the organizations’ target goals. Either way, the group pursues high quality research that is methodologically rigorous, theoretically relevant to academia, and practically relevant to the industry.


Journal of the Association for Information Systems

Prof. Juliana Sutanto is recently appointed to be JAIS editorial board member  
HCI International 2015


Prof. Juliana Sutanto is invited to be a Program Board Member of HCI in Business in HCII 2015  
The July issue of ETH life magazine reported the multicultural research environment in our chair.
Prof. Juliana Sutanto is invited to be a Track Co-Chair in ICIS 2014  
INFORMS Design Science Award 2013 ( Prof. Juliana Sutanto won INFORMS Design Science Award 2013 with project "Design of Privacy-safe Personalized Content Offering"  
Newscron is a spin-off project of the MIS group. Newscron is a new generation of news aggregator that allows to filter and organize local news into similar topics. Newscron is aiming to solve to information overload problem on-line news readers are faced when seeking information from multiple sources. Newscron is a mobile application available for Android and iPhone
Newscron recently started its journey as a independent start-up collecting several awards:
- venture kick (10K CHF)
- CTI Coaching acceptance
- Venture Leaders Team 2012
- CP Start-up incubation
A team from the Chair of Management Information Systems achieved the final of the University Mobile Challenge. The team got the chance to presented their idea to experts of the mobile industry and to compete against the other finalist from around the world such as from US (Berkley, Stanford), France (ESSEC) or India (IIT). More information about the finalist project  
Jinbox is an innovative B2B solution to manage the knowledge flow inside organizations.
MIS started collaboration with ESSEC Business School, Paris  
ETH Life
Datenschutz für iPhone-«Apps
Eine Studie mit einer iPhone-Applikation zeigt:
Datenschutz ist den Internetnutzern wichtiger als perfekt auf ihre
Bedürfnisse zugeschnittene Informationen. Doch das Eine schliesst das
Andere nicht aus, wie das «mBusiness Lab» der ETH Zürich mit einem neuen
Informationssystem beweist.
Our Chair is invited to attend the Stein am Rhein Symposium, a prestigious symposium with lists of respectable speakers (  
MIS collaborated with Universitas Gadjah Mada (one of the top universities in Indonesia) for the K-Village project.  
The K-Village Project aims to promote economic well‐being in remote, rural areas through scientific research based on the principles of the digital and knowledge divides. We advocate that humans can, through their deployment and usage of IT, generate, acquire, disseminate, and utilize the know‐how so as to achieve marked improvement in economic outcomes. In this regard we mainly aim to assist people (in rural, remote areas) in closing the knowledge gap, thereby raising their economic well‐being, so as to retain the working age population in their societies, which ultimately address the migration issue.  
Hirschfactor is a dynamic job referral platform for qualified professionals, focused on placing managers and young professionals in financial services. It is a spin-off from MIS.  
MIS started collaboration with Asian universities.  
mBusinessLab ( develops mobile solutions that serve organizational, social and economic purposes. Specifically, we apply a pragmatic, yet unconventional, approach towards researching on mobile applications and commerce by bringing the technology into the commercial world. The focus is not limited to the development of prototypes, but also on the creation of practical solutions that meet the market needs of our partners and of the future.  

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